Active Share Tracking and Reporting

Track any URLs you want,

organize them how you like

  • Import a single URL or multiple URLs at once - the system will immediately look up the shares.
  • URLs will be automatically connected to the appropriate source and hourly tracking of share growth will begin.
  • Group URLs together to see an aggregate view of social sharing for the whole story.
  • Organize URLs and shares by brands, media campaign, industry topics, competitors and more.

Stay on top of share counts

as they grow

  • Track URLs automatically every hour with the latest sharing stats—no more manual lookups.
  • Track the leading social networks including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Chart share counts across each social network to visualize growth over time and sharing activity.


Get smarter about what drives social engagement of your news

  • Rank news sources and bloggers by most shares generated.
  • See which social networks generate the most news shares for your brand.
  • Sort articles by most shared overall or most shared on a single social network.
  • Identify which media launches were most effective at driving social engagement.


Deliver media coverage reports

that now include share counts

  • Output summary reports in HTML or Excel format.
  • Build a custom report or choose from many pre-built formats.
  • Receive email reports to stay on top of socially trending stories.


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